On-Site Printing

On-Site Printing

Elevate Your Events with On-Site Printing by Town Tees!

Are you ready to make your events truly special? Town Tees, your local social enterprise in Shelburne, Ontario, is excited to offer a unique and memorable opportunity to enhance any occasion.


Our Commitment to Community Impact: At Town Tees, we're not just about custom apparel and printing; we're deeply committed to making a positive impact in the community. With every purchase, you're contributing to our mission of empowering youth and supporting the arts. We prioritize hiring young individuals, providing valuable job experiences, skill development, and fostering community connections. Our partnership with Streams Community Hub aligns with our goal to empower youth through creative expression and community engagement, making a lasting difference in their lives.


Elevate Your Events: Events are more than gatherings; they're celebrations of a special moment, bringing people together in the spirit of camaraderie. Town Tees is here to make your events extraordinary with our on-location printing services.


What We Offer On-Site:

Custom Event Apparel: We can create custom event-themed apparel, including t-shirts, hoodies, and more. Each item can be personalized with the event name, date, and even individual names or numbers.

Promotional Items: In addition to apparel, we offer promotional items, perfect for event memorabilia.

Community Engagement: Beyond the tangible products, our presence adds a sense of community engagement to your event. It's an opportunity for everyone to come together, share the excitement, and leave with unique souvenirs.

Pre-Ordering/Post-Ordering: We set up a site at no charge, allowing participants to order ahead of time, as well as after the event has ended, at a discounted rate, guaranteeing item availability and ease of ordering.

Fundraising Opportunities: Here's the exciting part – we generate revenue for your organization on each item sold! This makes for an excellent fundraising opportunity that can benefit your cause.

We'd love to discuss how we can tailor our on-site printing services to meet your specific event needs. Whether it's creating a memorable atmosphere, fundraising opportunities, or just adding a touch of excitement, we're here to make it happen.

Ready to make your events truly exceptional? Please contact us with some starting details below. We look forward to the opportunity to work together and serve your organization at your upcoming events.

On-Site Printing Inquiry Form

Additional Details/Requirements:

Exclusive Logo Usage: Please ensure that we have exclusive rights to use the tournament logo on garments during the event. This helps maintain the integrity of the event's branding.

Space Requirements: To set up our equipment and provide a seamless printing experience, we request a minimum space of 10ft x 20ft. This space will accommodate our printing station, display, and ensure a comfortable flow for participants and attendees.

Set-Up and Teardown Time: To deliver the best service, we kindly ask for access to the venue at least 1 hour before the event to set up and 1 hour for teardown after the event's conclusion. This allows us to ensure everything is in place and running smoothly.

Flexible Hours: In situations where sales are lower than expected, or other circumstances arise, we appreciate the flexibility to adjust our on-site hours and dates to better align with the event's needs.

Electrical Requirements: To power our equipment, we require a dedicated 15-amp circuit. For events with more than 500 attendees, we recommend providing 2 15-amp circuits. If the event takes place outdoors, we also need an area where we can safely set up a generator to ensure a continuous power supply.

These details and requirements are essential to guarantee a successful and efficient on-site printing experience at your event. If you have any additional needs or questions, please feel free to let us know, and we will work closely with you to meet your specific event requirements.

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