Why Town Tees

Why choose Town Tees?


Town Tees is not just a custom apparel company; we are a purpose-driven movement that believes in the power of creativity, community, and youth empowerment. Our unique approach involves a dual mission: delivering outstanding decorated products while creating lasting change in the lives of young people.

Our commitment extends beyond providing top-quality products. A portion of every sale goes towards supporting youth and the arts, ensuring that creativity thrives in our society. With a core focus on empowering youth, we prioritize hiring young individuals, offering them valuable first-job experiences, skill development, and fostering a strong sense of individual identity and community connection.

A significant strength lies in our special relationship with Streams Community Hub, a creative arts charity co-founded by Andrew and Juli-Anne James. Streams is dedicated to igniting learning, inspiring youth, and enriching communities through the arts. This partnership aligns seamlessly with our goal to empower and uplift youth through creative expression and community engagement.


As an innovative youth-run social enterprise, our journey began in 2018 in the basement of Andrew and Juli-Anne James, fueled by a shared passion for creativity, community, and empowering the next generation.


A social enterprise is a unique business model that aims to achieve financial sustainability while making a positive impact on society. Social enterprises demonstrate that businesses can play a crucial role in addressing social challenges while maintaining financial viability.

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