About Town Tees

About Us

Town Tees is an emerging social enterprise that focuses on people over profit. We offer affordable, quality, custom apparel decoration services. A portion of the proceeds from every sale is dedicated to the support of youth and the arts in Dufferin County. 

Town tees is on the road to becoming completely youth-run. Priority is placed on hiring youth to afford them the opportunity to gain first job experience, learn new skills, build a greater sense of individual identity as well as deepen their connection to community.

By Youth, For Youth. 

A social enterprise is defined as a for-profit business that has specific social objectives that serve its primary purpose. Our primary purpose is to make great decorated products but our priority is to empower youth in the process. 

As well as employing youth, Town Tees has a uniquely poised relationship with an incredible creative arts charity, Streams Community Hub.  

Streams Community Hub is an arts-centred, youth-focused, community-minded charity based in Shelburne, Ontario. Our mission is to ignite learning, inspire youth, and enrich the community through the arts. Streams especially focuses on providing arts education and experiences for youth in rural and unserved communities.

Incorporated in October of 2016, and since their first camp in the Summer of 2017, they have served over 350 children from Dufferin County and the surrounding area. Streams believe deeply in the power of the arts to aid in the building of self-confidence and self-esteem, to serve as a building block for greater academic success, and to help young people discover their purpose and passion in life.  They focus on eliminating barriers--particularly economic ones--that prevent access to arts exposure and education.

Town Tees aims to be one of the main sources of revenue for Streams. 

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